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sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody Class Reference

#include <spNewtonRigidBody.hpp>

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sp::physics::RigidBody sp::physics::NewtonBaseObject sp::physics::DynamicPhysicsObject sp::physics::PhysicsBaseObject sp::physics::PhysicsBaseObject sp::BaseObject sp::BaseObject

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Public Member Functions

 NewtonRigidBody (const ERigidBodies Type, const SRigidBodyConstruction &Construct)
 NewtonRigidBody (scene::Mesh *MeshGeom)
virtual ~NewtonRigidBody ()
virtual void setMass (f32 Mass)
virtual void setAutoSleep (bool Enable)
virtual void setMassCenter (const dim::vector3df &LocalPoint)
virtual dim::vector3df getMassCenter () const
virtual void addVelocity (const dim::vector3df &Direction)
virtual void setVelocity (const dim::vector3df &Direction)
virtual dim::vector3df getVelocity () const
virtual void addImpulse (const dim::vector3df &Direction, const dim::vector3df &PivotPoint)
virtual void setForce (const dim::vector3df &Direction)

Protected Member Functions

void createBox ()
void createCone ()
void createSphere ()
void createCylinder ()
void createChamferCylinder ()
void createCapsule ()
void createMesh (scene::Mesh *MeshGeom)
void setupCollision (NewtonCollision *NtCollision)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::NewtonRigidBody ( const ERigidBodies  Type,
const SRigidBodyConstruction Construct 
sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::NewtonRigidBody ( scene::Mesh MeshGeom  ) 
virtual sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::~NewtonRigidBody (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::addImpulse ( const dim::vector3df Direction,
const dim::vector3df PivotPoint 
) [virtual]
virtual void sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::addVelocity ( const dim::vector3df Direction  )  [virtual]
void sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::createBox (  )  [protected]
void sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::createCapsule (  )  [protected]
void sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::createChamferCylinder (  )  [protected]
void sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::createCone (  )  [protected]
void sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::createCylinder (  )  [protected]
void sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::createMesh ( scene::Mesh MeshGeom  )  [protected]
void sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::createSphere (  )  [protected]
virtual dim::vector3df sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::getMassCenter (  )  const [virtual]
virtual dim::vector3df sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::getVelocity (  )  const [virtual]
virtual void sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::setAutoSleep ( bool  Enable  )  [virtual]
virtual void sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::setForce ( const dim::vector3df Direction  )  [virtual]
virtual void sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::setMass ( f32  Mass  )  [virtual]
virtual void sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::setMassCenter ( const dim::vector3df LocalPoint  )  [virtual]
void sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::setupCollision ( NewtonCollision *  NtCollision  )  [protected]
virtual void sp::physics::NewtonRigidBody::setVelocity ( const dim::vector3df Direction  )  [virtual]

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