Namespace List

Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
sp::audioAll audio, sound and music operation functions can be found here. Also volumetric 3D sound effects are in this namespace
sp::dimBasic classes such as vectors, planes, matrix etc. can be found in this namespace
sp::guiNamespace for each GUI (Graphics User Interface) objects (e.g. Windows, Buttons etc.) for developing level editors or the like
sp::ioAll simple text output and string class are in this namespace
sp::io::LogLog class has been changed to an own namespace. The syntax remains the same but now you can use "using namespace io::Log;"
sp::mathThis namespace contains all mathematical basic functions such as sine, cosine, distance calculations etc
sp::math::CollisionLibraryHere you will find each function for collision detection, distance computation and intersection tests
sp::math::RandomizerNamepsace for all random-generation functions
sp::math::RasterizerNamespace for rasterization templates
sp::MemoryManagerMemeoryManager namespace was particular desinged for safe memory allocation and destruction
sp::networkThis namespace contains all network functions such as connecting, sending and receiving messages
sp::physicsNamespace for physics simulations using NewtonGameDynamics library
sp::sceneAdd 3D object management functions and scene rendering can be found in this namespace
sp::scene::MeshModifierNamespace for mesh buffer modification. This is only to modify vertex coordinates and delta connections
sp::toolThis namespace contains all extendet tools for particular game development which should be used in a level editor
sp::tool::AudioPCMPlotterNamespace for audio PCM raw data plotter
sp::tool::DebuggingNamespace for debugging functions
sp::tool::ImageModifierImage modifier namespace to bake normal maps, blur images etc
sp::tool::LightmapGenNamespace with all data structures for lightmap generation
sp::videoAll rendering and drawing operations for 2D and 3D can be found in this namespace
sp::video::ImageConverterImageConverter namespace used for image buffer manipulation. This is particular used in the Texture class (e.g. for "setFormat", "setSize" etc.)
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