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Tutorial: Build the engine via SVN and CMake

Since version 3.2 there is an SVN repository for the SoftPixel Engine including CMake files. What this is and how you can make use of it will be explained in this tutorial

SVN is a subversion system for source controll, i.e. a client/server application where the administrator can commit (or rather upload) the latest source files and everyone can check out and/or update its local repository. This also means that these source files are always in alpha status, i.e. there may be a lot of incomplete parts, unfinished tutorials etc. But if you want to make use of the latest features the engine supports and/or you want to join the developer team you have to use SVN. I personally recommend SmartSVN, because there's a free version, it's easy to use and available for all common platforms: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Once you've installed SmartSVN, you can choose the repository. Fill out the input bars as shown in the following picture:

And that's all you have to do, to check out (or rather download) the source files. You can also choose your own directory for the local repository. Every time you want to update your repository just click "Update" in the toolbar.

Now you can start creating the project files or rather generating them. For this we use the latest CMake version. The minimum required version is 2.8. Enter the first two upper input bars with your local repository directory and the directory where the generated project files will be saved. This is shown in the following picture:

Make sure you have already the boost C++ library installed, because this is the only required external library. You don't need to compile the boost library but you'll need the header files. I used the boost v.1.47. Set the "Boost_INCLUDE_DIR" entry in the CMake property list to your boost directory, e.h. "C:/Program Files/boost_1_47_0". For all the other libraries you have to download and install the corresponding SDKs. For more details about that take a look at the CMake Thread on the forum. If you don't want to install some of these SDKs you need to comment out the corresponding optional macro in the "sources/Base/spCompilationOptions.hpp" file. More details about that is also explain in the CMake Thread.

Once you've entered all SDK directories you need click on "Configure" and if no CMake error occured click "Generate". After generating the project files, open them with your IDE and compile the engine with all its tutorials and tests.

If you have questions please join our community.

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