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Lukas Hermanns (LukasBanana):


Creator of the SoftPixel Engine

Student at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Computer Science and student assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research.

Lukas begun the project at the 3rd January 2008. Now this application has over 175,000 LoC! With the help of many OpenGL tutorials and some forums he could write an extensive 3d engine. The main reason why he begun this project was the disappointing few 2d functions in all the other graphics libraries for C++ (much 3d functionality but few in 2d).

Special thanks to
Nox Help for thread-safe programming in forum
soulcon Created the C# wrapper
Mark Jackson (KronosUK) Created the BlitzMax wrapper
Rafael Navega (Kryzon) Extended the BlitzMax wrapper
Michael Kenzel (dot) Help in forum
Benedikt Eggers (Jo0oker) Wrapper support for C#
Daniel Obermeier (Jilocasin) Help in several things: Web Domain, Logos, Multimedia
Stephen Schmidt Help in mathematical basics like vector arithmetic
Ilir Nuhiu Help with making the project better known

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