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Golden Vertices: homepage of a hobby game developement group where some 3D artists created all the models for the CASTLE BENCHMARK TechDemo
Newton Game Dynamics: fast and extensive free cross-platform physics library
OpenDynamicsEngine (ODE): fast open-source cross-platform physics library
NeHe OpenGL tutorials
FreeImage homepage
ToxyVision homepage

Other links

XičXič Compiler Project - The new C++ project by Lukas Hermanns

SoftPixel Engine YouTube channel - Video online platform
SoftPixel Engine at - Network for 3D engines
SoftPixel Engine at - Free Download Encyclopedia
SoftPixel Engine at - Network for open-source software
SoftPixel Engine at - German network for Linux gaming

Code::Blocks - Extensive cross-platform C++ IDE
Bloodshed DevC++ - Easy C++ IDE (for Windows)

DGL Wiki - German OpenGL tutorials
Supershapes3D - Pre defined supershapes
BlitzODE - ODE wrapper for BlitzBasic

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