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Development screenshots
DeferredRenderer Example DeferredRenderer Global Illumination Realtime RayTracing Realtime RayTracing 3DBoxGUI
DeferredRenderer Example Screenshot, DeferredRenderer with and without global illumination, Realtime RayTracing (GLSL), BoxGUI 2.0 alpha (in combination with 3D).
EgoShooter test program Newton Game Dynamics physics simulations GLSL Bump Mapping Tessellation BoxGUI
EgoShooter test program, Newton Game Dynamics physics simulations, GLSL Bump Mapping, Tessellation (Direct3D11), BoxGUI 2.0 alpha.
Sphere mapping (anti-aliased 16x) Rendering houses in a virtual city Sun lense flare effect Quake III map loading & rendering Lightmap generation & rendering
Sphere mapping, Rendered houses in a virtual city, Sun lense flare effect, Quake III map loading & rendering, Lightmap generation & rendering.
Fur effect (GLSL vertex shader accelerated) Cel-/ Cartoon shading Stereo image rendering (use 3D glasses) Water simulation running on GNU/Linux Water simulation using shader programs
Fur effect (GLSL vertex shader accelerated), Cel-/ Cartoon shading, Stereo image rendering (use 3D glasses), Water simulation running on GNU/Linux, Water simulation using shader programs.
Real time shadow running on GNU/Linux Old tutorial 13 (MiniMatrix) Software rendered scene Model combiner development status ODE (OpenDynamicsEngine) physics simulations
Real time shadow running on GNU/Linux, Old tutorial 13 (MiniMatrix), Software rendered scene, Model combiner development status, ODE (OpenDynamicsEngine) physics simulations.

Cross platform screenshots
SoftPixel Engine on Android in C++ with the NDK SoftPixel Engine on Android in C++ with the NDK SoftPixel Engine on Android in C++ with the NDK SoftPixel Engine on Android in C++ with the NDK
First three tests using SoftPixel Engine on Android in C++ with the NDK, First iPad App of the SoftPixel Engine running on iOS.

Community screenshots
First community game using SoftPixel Engine Community Game (by Wahagn) Community Game (by Kirtash) Particle System (by MadBit) Texture splatting (by WhateverMan)
1.) Mini Puzzler by Ferret
2.) 15 Questions & 15 Answers by Wahagn
3.) Minesweeper 3D by Kirtash
4.) Pixie by MadBit
5.) Screenshot by WhateverMan

Tutorial screenshots
Drawing2D tutorial Primitives tutorial ShaderLibrary tutorial Tessellation tutorial PhysicsSimulation tutorial
Drawing2D, Primitives, ShaderLibrary, Tessellation, PhysicsSimulation.

SoftPixel Engine's mascot pictures
SPE mascot image 1 (baby) SPE mascot image 2 (dad) SPE mascot image 3 (grandpa) SPE mascot T-shirt
Here is a small gallery of the SoftPixel Engine's mascots I've drawn with my graphics-tablet =) and the first SPE T-shirt

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