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sp::tool::LightmapGen::STriangle Struct Reference

#include <spLightmapGeneratorStructs.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 STriangle ()
 STriangle (const SModel *Model, u32 TriangleSurface, u32 TriangleIndex, u32 DefIndices[3])
 ~STriangle ()
bool adjacency (const STriangle &OpTriangle) const
f32 getDistance (const dim::vector3df &Point) const

Static Public Member Functions

static dim::point2df getProjection (const dim::vector3df &Point, const dim::vector3df &Normal, const f32 Density)
static void computeInterpolation (const scene::SIntersectionContact &Contact, u32 Indices[3], const u8 Layer, dim::point2df &TexCoord, dim::vector3df &Color, f32 &Alpha)

Public Attributes

u32 Surface
u32 Index
SVertex Vertices [3]
dim::plane3df Plane

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp::tool::LightmapGen::STriangle::STriangle (  ) 
sp::tool::LightmapGen::STriangle::STriangle ( const SModel Model,
u32  TriangleSurface,
u32  TriangleIndex,
u32  DefIndices[3] 
sp::tool::LightmapGen::STriangle::~STriangle (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

bool sp::tool::LightmapGen::STriangle::adjacency ( const STriangle OpTriangle  )  const
static void sp::tool::LightmapGen::STriangle::computeInterpolation ( const scene::SIntersectionContact Contact,
u32  Indices[3],
const u8  Layer,
dim::point2df TexCoord,
dim::vector3df Color,
f32 Alpha 
) [static]
f32 sp::tool::LightmapGen::STriangle::getDistance ( const dim::vector3df Point  )  const
static dim::point2df sp::tool::LightmapGen::STriangle::getProjection ( const dim::vector3df Point,
const dim::vector3df Normal,
const f32  Density 
) [static]

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