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sp::video::OpenCLBuffer Class Reference

#include <spOpenCLBuffer.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 OpenCLBuffer (const EOpenCLBufferStates State, u32 BufferSize)
 OpenCLBuffer (const EOpenCLBufferStates State, video::Texture *TexBuffer)
 OpenCLBuffer (const EOpenCLBufferStates State, video::MeshBuffer *MeshBuffer)
 ~OpenCLBuffer ()
void writeBuffer (const void *Buffer, u32 Size, u32 Offset=0)
void readBuffer (void *Buffer, u32 Size, u32 Offset=0)
void lock ()
void unlock ()
u32 getBufferSize () const
 Returns the size in bytes of this OpenCL buffer.
EOpenCLBufferStates getState () const
bool isCustomBuffer () const


class OpenCLProgram

Detailed Description

Version 3.2

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp::video::OpenCLBuffer::OpenCLBuffer ( const EOpenCLBufferStates  State,
u32  BufferSize 
sp::video::OpenCLBuffer::OpenCLBuffer ( const EOpenCLBufferStates  State,
video::Texture TexBuffer 
sp::video::OpenCLBuffer::OpenCLBuffer ( const EOpenCLBufferStates  State,
video::MeshBuffer MeshBuffer 
sp::video::OpenCLBuffer::~OpenCLBuffer (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

u32 sp::video::OpenCLBuffer::getBufferSize (  )  const [inline]

Returns the size in bytes of this OpenCL buffer.

EOpenCLBufferStates sp::video::OpenCLBuffer::getState (  )  const [inline]
bool sp::video::OpenCLBuffer::isCustomBuffer (  )  const [inline]

Returns true if this is a custom buffer. Otherwise it refers to a hardware mesh- or texture buffer. In this case you have to care about locking and unlocking the buffer before running a shader which is using it.

void sp::video::OpenCLBuffer::lock (  ) 
void sp::video::OpenCLBuffer::readBuffer ( void *  Buffer,
u32  Size,
u32  Offset = 0 
void sp::video::OpenCLBuffer::unlock (  ) 
void sp::video::OpenCLBuffer::writeBuffer ( const void *  Buffer,
u32  Size,
u32  Offset = 0 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class OpenCLProgram [friend]

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