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sp::video::GLProgrammableFunctionPipeline Class Reference

OpenGL fixed function render system. This is the parent class of all OpenGL and OpenGL|ES renderers. More...

#include <spOpenGLPipelineProgrammable.hpp>

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sp::video::GLBasePipeline sp::video::RenderSystem sp::video::OpenGLES2RenderSystem sp::video::OpenGLRenderSystem

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~GLProgrammableFunctionPipeline ()
io::stringc getShaderVersion () const
 Returns the shader version (e.g. "1.50 NVIDIA via Cg compiler" or "HLSL Shader Model 2").
ShaderClasscreateShaderClass (VertexFormat *VertexInputLayout=0)
ShadercreateShader (ShaderClass *ShaderClassObj, const EShaderTypes Type, const EShaderVersions Version, const std::list< io::stringc > &ShaderBuffer, const io::stringc &EntryPoint="")
void unbindShaders ()
 Unbinds (or rather disables) all shader types.
bool setRenderTarget (Texture *Target)

Static Public Member Functions

static void setBalanceRT (bool Enable)
static bool getBalanceRT ()

Protected Member Functions

 GLProgrammableFunctionPipeline ()

Static Protected Attributes

static bool EnableBalanceRT_

Detailed Description

OpenGL fixed function render system. This is the parent class of all OpenGL and OpenGL|ES renderers.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual sp::video::GLProgrammableFunctionPipeline::~GLProgrammableFunctionPipeline (  )  [virtual]
sp::video::GLProgrammableFunctionPipeline::GLProgrammableFunctionPipeline (  )  [protected]

Member Function Documentation

Shader* sp::video::GLProgrammableFunctionPipeline::createShader ( ShaderClass ShaderClassObj,
const EShaderTypes  Type,
const EShaderVersions  Version,
const std::list< io::stringc > &  ShaderBuffer,
const io::stringc EntryPoint = "" 
) [virtual]

Creates a shader with the specified buffer strings.

ShaderBuffer,: List of strings which specify the shader program lines.

Reimplemented from sp::video::RenderSystem.

ShaderClass* sp::video::GLProgrammableFunctionPipeline::createShaderClass ( VertexFormat VertexInputLayout = 0  )  [virtual]

Creates a new shader class.

VertexInputLayout,: Specifies the vertex format which is used for the objects which will use this shader class. This needs only to be set for Direct3D11 but it's a good programming style to set it always.
Pointer to a ShaderClass object.

Reimplemented from sp::video::RenderSystem.

static bool sp::video::GLProgrammableFunctionPipeline::getBalanceRT (  )  [static]
io::stringc sp::video::GLProgrammableFunctionPipeline::getShaderVersion (  )  const [virtual]

Returns the shader version (e.g. "1.50 NVIDIA via Cg compiler" or "HLSL Shader Model 2").

Reimplemented from sp::video::GLBasePipeline.

static void sp::video::GLProgrammableFunctionPipeline::setBalanceRT ( bool  Enable  )  [static]

Enables or disables the balance for render-targets. This is a render specific function and should only be used when rendering text into a texture with OpenGL.

Enable,: Specifies if the balance is to be enabled or disabled. If enabled each drawing operation will be rendered vertically fliped. Thus you have to Adjust your further operations using the final render target texture.
bool sp::video::GLProgrammableFunctionPipeline::setRenderTarget ( Texture Target  )  [virtual]

Sets the render target.

Target,: Texture which is to be used as the new render target. If the render target shall be reset to the actual pixel-buffer set the render target to 0. When using a render target texture the texture needs be created to a render target (use "makeRenderTarget" from the Texture class).

Reimplemented from sp::video::RenderSystem.

void sp::video::GLProgrammableFunctionPipeline::unbindShaders (  )  [virtual]

Unbinds (or rather disables) all shader types.

Reimplemented from sp::video::RenderSystem.

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