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sp::video::Direct3D11RenderContext Class Reference

Direct3D11 render context. More...

#include <spDirect3D11RenderContext.hpp>

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sp::video::DesktopRenderContext sp::video::RenderContext

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Public Member Functions

 Direct3D11RenderContext ()
 ~Direct3D11RenderContext ()
bool openGraphicsScreen (void *ParentWindow, const dim::size2di &Resolution, const io::stringc &Title, s32 ColorDepth, bool isFullscreen, const SDeviceFlags &Flags)
void closeGraphicsScreen ()
 Closes the graphics screen and releases all hardware specific resources.
void flipBuffers ()
void setVsync (bool Enable)
 Enables or disabels vertical synchronisation.

Detailed Description

Direct3D11 render context.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp::video::Direct3D11RenderContext::Direct3D11RenderContext (  ) 
sp::video::Direct3D11RenderContext::~Direct3D11RenderContext (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void sp::video::Direct3D11RenderContext::closeGraphicsScreen (  )  [virtual]

Closes the graphics screen and releases all hardware specific resources.

Reimplemented from sp::video::DesktopRenderContext.

void sp::video::Direct3D11RenderContext::flipBuffers (  )  [virtual]

Flips the buffers to see the final image onto the monitor. If vsync (vertical synchronisation) is enabled the program waits at this point until the graphics card releases the synchronisation.

Reimplemented from sp::video::DesktopRenderContext.

bool sp::video::Direct3D11RenderContext::openGraphicsScreen ( void *  ParentWindow,
const dim::size2di Resolution,
const io::stringc Title,
s32  ColorDepth,
bool  isFullscreen,
const SDeviceFlags Flags 
) [virtual]

Opens the graphics screen. This function will be called automatically once when the graphics device will be created.

[in] ParentWindow Pointer to the window object. For MS/Windows this must be a pointer to a HWND instance or null if no parent window is to be used.
[in] Resolution Specifies the screen resolution for this context.
[in] Title Specifies the window title.
[in] ColorDepth Specifies the color bit depth. Valid values are 16, 24 and 32.
[in] isFullscreen Specifies whether fullscreen is to be enabled or disabled.
[in] Flags Specifies the device flags. This contains information about anti-aliasing and some other options.
True if the graphics screen has been successfully created. Otherwise false.

Reimplemented from sp::video::DesktopRenderContext.

void sp::video::Direct3D11RenderContext::setVsync ( bool  isVsync  )  [virtual]

Enables or disabels vertical synchronisation.

Reimplemented from sp::video::RenderContext.

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