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sp::tool::ParticleAnimator Class Reference

#include <spToolParticleAnimator.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ParticleAnimator ()
virtual ~ParticleAnimator ()
virtual SParticleaddParticle (scene::Billboard *Object, const EParticleAttribute Attribute, const u64 Endurance, const f32 BlendSpeed, const dim::vector3df &Impulse, const dim::vector3df &Gravity=0.0f, const dim::vector3df &Rotation=0.0f, const dim::vector3df &Transformation=0.0f)
virtual SParticleaddParticle (const SParticle &Object)
virtual void removeParticle (scene::Billboard *&Object, bool isDeleteBillboard=false)
virtual void removeParticle (SParticle *&Object, bool isDeleteBillboard=false)
virtual void setParent (scene::SceneNode *Parent, bool isGlobal=false)
virtual void setDestructionCallback (const PFNPARTICLECALLBACKPROC DestructionProc)
virtual void setEnduranceCallback (const PFNPARTICLECALLBACKPROC EnduranceProc)
virtual void update ()
 Updates each particle. Its animation and callback procedures.
void setBoundingBox (const dim::aabbox3df &BoundBox)
dim::aabbox3df getBoundingBox () const
void setSpeed (const f32 Speed)
f32 getSpeed () const
scene::SceneNodegetParent () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool updateParticle (std::list< SParticle * >::iterator &it)
virtual void setParticleAlpha (SParticle *Obj, const f32 Alpha)
virtual void setParticleAlpha (SParticle *Obj)

Protected Attributes

std::list< SParticle * > ParticleList_
bool ParentGlobal_
dim::aabbox3df BoundBox_
f32 AnimSpeed_

Detailed Description

ParticleAnimator is a further 'GameEngine like' tool to simplify particle animations. Normally for each particle effect (e.g. fire effect, smoke effect etc.) one ParticleAnimator has to be created and not only one for all effects because you would get problems with callback handling. The ParticleAnimator does not create any billboards (or sprites). You have to create the sprites yourself.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::ParticleAnimator (  ) 
virtual sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::~ParticleAnimator (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual SParticle* sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::addParticle ( scene::Billboard Object,
const EParticleAttribute  Attribute,
const u64  Endurance,
const f32  BlendSpeed,
const dim::vector3df Impulse,
const dim::vector3df Gravity = 0.0f,
const dim::vector3df Rotation = 0.0f,
const dim::vector3df Transformation = 0.0f 
) [virtual]
virtual SParticle* sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::addParticle ( const SParticle Object  )  [virtual]
dim::aabbox3df sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::getBoundingBox (  )  const [inline]
scene::SceneNode* sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::getParent (  )  const [inline]
f32 sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::getSpeed (  )  const [inline]
virtual void sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::removeParticle ( SParticle *&  Object,
bool  isDeleteBillboard = false 
) [virtual]
virtual void sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::removeParticle ( scene::Billboard *&  Object,
bool  isDeleteBillboard = false 
) [virtual]
void sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::setBoundingBox ( const dim::aabbox3df BoundBox  )  [inline]
virtual void sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::setDestructionCallback ( const PFNPARTICLECALLBACKPROC  DestructionProc  )  [virtual]
virtual void sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::setEnduranceCallback ( const PFNPARTICLECALLBACKPROC  EnduranceProc  )  [virtual]
virtual void sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::setParent ( scene::SceneNode Parent,
bool  isGlobal = false 
) [virtual]
virtual void sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::setParticleAlpha ( SParticle Obj  )  [protected, virtual]
virtual void sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::setParticleAlpha ( SParticle Obj,
const f32  Alpha 
) [protected, virtual]
void sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::setSpeed ( const f32  Speed  )  [inline]
virtual void sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::update (  )  [virtual]

Updates each particle. Its animation and callback procedures.

virtual bool sp::tool::ParticleAnimator::updateParticle ( std::list< SParticle * >::iterator &  it  )  [protected, virtual]

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