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sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased Class Reference
[Scene Management]

#include <spSceneGraphPortalBased.hpp>

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sp::scene::SceneGraph sp::scene::RenderNode sp::scene::SceneNode sp::Node sp::BaseObject

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Public Member Functions

 SceneGraphPortalBased ()
 ~SceneGraphPortalBased ()
SectorcreateSector (const scene::Transformation &Transform)
void deleteSector (Sector *SectorObj)
void clearSectors ()
PortalcreatePortal (const scene::Transformation &Transform)
PortalcreatePortal (const scene::Transformation &Transform, Sector *FrontSector, Sector *BackSector)
void deletePortal (Portal *PortalObj)
void clearPortals ()
void render ()
SectorfindSector (const dim::vector3df &Point) const
 Returns the sector where the specified point is inside.
void connectSectors (f32 DistanceTolerance=0.1f)
void insertRenderNodes ()
void releaseRenderNodes ()
const std::list< Sector * > & getSectorList () const
const std::list< Portal * > & getPortalList () const

Detailed Description

This is the class for portal-based scene graphs.

Version 3.2

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::SceneGraphPortalBased (  ) 
sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::~SceneGraphPortalBased (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::clearPortals (  ) 
void sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::clearSectors (  ) 
void sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::connectSectors ( f32  DistanceTolerance = 0.1f  ) 

Connects all sectors with their nearest portals.

[in] DistanceTolerance Specifies the distance tolerance to determine which portals are nearby the sectors.
See also:
Portal* sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::createPortal ( const scene::Transformation Transform  ) 
Portal* sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::createPortal ( const scene::Transformation Transform,
Sector FrontSector,
Sector BackSector 
Sector* sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::createSector ( const scene::Transformation Transform  ) 
void sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::deletePortal ( Portal PortalObj  ) 
void sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::deleteSector ( Sector SectorObj  ) 
Sector* sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::findSector ( const dim::vector3df Point  )  const

Returns the sector where the specified point is inside.

const std::list<Portal*>& sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::getPortalList (  )  const [inline]
const std::list<Sector*>& sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::getSectorList (  )  const [inline]
void sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::insertRenderNodes (  ) 

Inserts all 'global' render nodes into the sectors. This is the opposite functionality of "releaseRenderNodes".

See also:
void sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::releaseRenderNodes (  ) 

Releases all render nodes from the sectors and makes them 'global' again. This is the opposite functionality of "insertRenderNodes".

See also:
void sp::scene::SceneGraphPortalBased::render (  )  [virtual]

Renders the whole scene without using a camera object. This is particular used when a scene manager is a child of another one.

Implements sp::scene::SceneGraph.

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