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sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D Class Reference

#include <spGeometryStructures.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 SMeshVertex3D ()
 SMeshVertex3D (f32 X, f32 Y, f32 Z, const video::color &Clr)
 SMeshVertex3D (f32 X, f32 Y, f32 Z, u32 Clr, f32 U=0.0f, f32 V=0.0f)
void setPosition (const dim::vector3df &VertexPosition)
dim::vector3df getPosition () const
dim::vector3dfgetPosition ()
void setNormal (const dim::vector3df &VertexNormal)
dim::vector3df getNormal () const
dim::vector3dfgetNormal ()
void setTexCoord (u8 Layer, const dim::vector3df &VertexTexCoord)
dim::vector3df getTexCoord (u8 Layer) const
dim::vector3dfgetTexCoord (u8 Layer)
void setColor (const video::color &VertexColor)
void setColor (const dim::vector4df &VertexColor)
void setColor (const u32 VertexColor)
video::color getColor () const
video::colorgetColor ()
void setFog (f32 VertexFog)
f32 getFog () const
f32getFog ()
void setTangent (const dim::vector3df &VertexTangent)
dim::vector3df getTangent () const
dim::vector3dfgetTangent ()
void setBinormal (const dim::vector3df &VertexBinormal)
dim::vector3df getBinormal () const
dim::vector3dfgetBinormal ()

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::SMeshVertex3D (  )  [inline]
sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::SMeshVertex3D ( f32  X,
f32  Y,
f32  Z,
const video::color Clr 
) [inline]
sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::SMeshVertex3D ( f32  X,
f32  Y,
f32  Z,
u32  Clr,
f32  U = 0.0f,
f32  V = 0.0f 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

dim::vector3df sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::getBinormal (  )  const [inline]
dim::vector3df& sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::getBinormal (  )  [inline]
video::color sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::getColor (  )  const [inline]
video::color& sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::getColor (  )  [inline]
f32& sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::getFog (  )  [inline]
f32 sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::getFog (  )  const [inline]
dim::vector3df& sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::getNormal (  )  [inline]
dim::vector3df sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::getNormal (  )  const [inline]
dim::vector3df sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::getPosition (  )  const [inline]
dim::vector3df& sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::getPosition (  )  [inline]
dim::vector3df sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::getTangent (  )  const [inline]
dim::vector3df& sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::getTangent (  )  [inline]
dim::vector3df sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::getTexCoord ( u8  Layer  )  const [inline]
dim::vector3df& sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::getTexCoord ( u8  Layer  )  [inline]
void sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::setBinormal ( const dim::vector3df VertexBinormal  )  [inline]
void sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::setColor ( const video::color VertexColor  )  [inline]
void sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::setColor ( const dim::vector4df VertexColor  )  [inline]
void sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::setColor ( const u32  VertexColor  )  [inline]
void sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::setFog ( f32  VertexFog  )  [inline]
void sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::setNormal ( const dim::vector3df VertexNormal  )  [inline]
void sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::setPosition ( const dim::vector3df VertexPosition  )  [inline]
void sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::setTangent ( const dim::vector3df VertexTangent  )  [inline]
void sp::scene::SMeshVertex3D::setTexCoord ( u8  Layer,
const dim::vector3df VertexTexCoord 
) [inline]

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