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sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera Class Reference

#include <spCameraFirstPerson.hpp>

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sp::scene::Camera sp::scene::SceneNode sp::Node sp::BaseObject

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Public Member Functions

 FirstPersonCamera ()
virtual ~FirstPersonCamera ()
virtual void updateControl ()
virtual void drawMenu ()
void setFreeMovement (bool isEnable)
bool getFreeMovement () const
void setFlags (s32 Flags)
s32 getFlags () const
void setMoveSpeed (f32 Speed)
f32 getMoveSpeed () const
void setTurnSpeed (f32 Speed)
f32 getTurnSpeed () const
void setMaxTurnDegree (f32 Degree)
f32 getMaxTurnDegree () const

Protected Member Functions

void updateCameraRotation ()
void updateCameraMovement ()

Protected Attributes

s32 Flags_
bool isFreeMovement_
f32 Pitch_
f32 Yaw_
f32 MoveSpeed_
f32 TurnSpeed_
f32 MaxTurnDegree_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::FirstPersonCamera (  ) 
sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::~FirstPersonCamera (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::drawMenu (  )  [virtual]

Draws the menu for an interaction camera like the FirstPersonCamera on Android or iOS. The base Camera class does not draw any menu. If you have an interaction camera you have to draw the menu in the forground and in 2d.

See also:
RenderSystem::beginDrawing2D, RenderSystem::endDrawing2D.

Reimplemented from sp::scene::Camera.

s32 sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::getFlags (  )  const [inline]
bool sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::getFreeMovement (  )  const [inline]
f32 sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::getMaxTurnDegree (  )  const [inline]
f32 sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::getMoveSpeed (  )  const [inline]
f32 sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::getTurnSpeed (  )  const [inline]
void sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::setFlags ( s32  Flags  )  [inline]
void sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::setFreeMovement ( bool  isEnable  )  [inline]
void sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::setMaxTurnDegree ( f32  Degree  )  [inline]
void sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::setMoveSpeed ( f32  Speed  )  [inline]
void sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::setTurnSpeed ( f32  Speed  )  [inline]
void sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::updateCameraMovement (  )  [protected]
void sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::updateCameraRotation (  )  [protected]
void sp::scene::FirstPersonCamera::updateControl (  )  [virtual]

Updates the camera interaction. This can be used derived cameras like the FirstPersonCamera. If you want to use the interaction you have to call this function in your main loop for each frame.

Reimplemented from sp::scene::Camera.

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