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sp::scene::CollisionLineBased Class Reference

#include <spCollisionLineBased.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for sp::scene::CollisionLineBased:
sp::scene::CollisionNode sp::BaseObject sp::scene::CollisionCapsule sp::scene::CollisionCone sp::scene::CollisionCylinder

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~CollisionLineBased ()
virtual s32 getSupportFlags () const =0
virtual f32 getMaxMovement () const
dim::line3df getLine () const
void setRadius (f32 Radius)
 Sets the capsule's radius.
f32 getRadius () const
 Returns the capsule's radius.
void setHeight (f32 Height)
f32 getHeight () const
 Returns the nodes's height.

Static Public Member Functions

static dim::obbox3df getBoundBoxFromLine (const dim::line3df &Line, f32 Radius)

Protected Member Functions

 CollisionLineBased (CollisionMaterial *Material, SceneNode *Node, const ECollisionModels Type, f32 Radius, f32 Height)

Protected Attributes

f32 Radius_
f32 Height_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp::scene::CollisionLineBased::~CollisionLineBased (  )  [virtual]
sp::scene::CollisionLineBased::CollisionLineBased ( CollisionMaterial Material,
SceneNode Node,
const ECollisionModels  Type,
f32  Radius,
f32  Height 
) [protected]

Member Function Documentation

dim::obbox3df sp::scene::CollisionLineBased::getBoundBoxFromLine ( const dim::line3df Line,
f32  Radius 
) [static]
f32 sp::scene::CollisionLineBased::getHeight (  )  const [inline]

Returns the nodes's height.

dim::line3df sp::scene::CollisionLineBased::getLine (  )  const

Returns the line representing the capsule, cylinder or cone. This line is transformed by the last updated collision-node transformation

See also:
f32 sp::scene::CollisionLineBased::getMaxMovement (  )  const [virtual]

Returns the maximal movement (e.g. for a sphere it's the radius). This is used internally. A collision node can still be moved faster than this value.

Implements sp::scene::CollisionNode.

f32 sp::scene::CollisionLineBased::getRadius (  )  const [inline]

Returns the capsule's radius.

virtual s32 sp::scene::CollisionLineBased::getSupportFlags (  )  const [pure virtual]
void sp::scene::CollisionLineBased::setHeight ( f32  Height  )  [inline]

Sets the nodes's height.

The capsule collision model is not centered like a basic cylinder mesh.
void sp::scene::CollisionLineBased::setRadius ( f32  Radius  )  [inline]

Sets the capsule's radius.

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