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sp::physics::NewtonDynamicsJoint Class Reference

#include <spNewtonJoint.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 NewtonDynamicsJoint (const EPhysicsJoints Type, PhysicsBaseObject *ObjectA, PhysicsBaseObject *ObjectB, const SPhysicsJointConstruct &Construct)
virtual ~NewtonDynamicsJoint ()
void setPosition (const dim::vector3df &Position)
dim::vector3df getPosition () const
void setLimit (bool Enable)
bool getLimit () const
void setLimit (f32 Min, f32 Max, bool Enable=true)
 Sets the limitation values. This can be either an angle or linear value.
void getLimit (f32 &Min, f32 &Max) const
void setMotor (bool Enable, f32 MotorPower=100.0f)
bool getMotor () const
void runMotor (f32 Velocity)
f32 getLinearValue () const
 Returns the joint linear value. This can also be an angle (for a hinge-joint).

Protected Attributes

NewtonJoint * NtJoint_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp::physics::NewtonDynamicsJoint::NewtonDynamicsJoint ( const EPhysicsJoints  Type,
PhysicsBaseObject ObjectA,
PhysicsBaseObject ObjectB,
const SPhysicsJointConstruct Construct 
virtual sp::physics::NewtonDynamicsJoint::~NewtonDynamicsJoint (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

bool sp::physics::NewtonDynamicsJoint::getLimit (  )  const [virtual]
void sp::physics::NewtonDynamicsJoint::getLimit ( f32 Min,
f32 Max 
) const [virtual]
f32 sp::physics::NewtonDynamicsJoint::getLinearValue (  )  const [virtual]

Returns the joint linear value. This can also be an angle (for a hinge-joint).

Implements sp::physics::PhysicsJoint.

bool sp::physics::NewtonDynamicsJoint::getMotor (  )  const [virtual]
dim::vector3df sp::physics::NewtonDynamicsJoint::getPosition (  )  const [virtual]
void sp::physics::NewtonDynamicsJoint::runMotor ( f32  Velocity  )  [virtual]
void sp::physics::NewtonDynamicsJoint::setLimit ( bool  Enable  )  [virtual]
void sp::physics::NewtonDynamicsJoint::setLimit ( f32  Min,
f32  Max,
bool  Enable = true 
) [virtual]

Sets the limitation values. This can be either an angle or linear value.

Implements sp::physics::PhysicsJoint.

void sp::physics::NewtonDynamicsJoint::setMotor ( bool  Enable,
f32  MotorPower = 100.0f 
) [virtual]

Activates the motor interaction.

Enable,: Specifies whether the hinge motor is to be enabled or disabled. By default disabled. Once the motor is enabled it runs until it will be disabled.
MotorPower,: Specifies the power of the motor. This should be at least the mass of the heaviest rigid body which is connected to this joint.
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Implements sp::physics::PhysicsJoint.

void sp::physics::NewtonDynamicsJoint::setPosition ( const dim::vector3df Position  )  [virtual]

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