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sp::network::NetworkSessionReception Class Reference
[Network System]

#include <spNetworkSessionReception.hpp>

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sp::network::NetworkBaseUDP sp::network::NetworkBase

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Public Member Functions

 NetworkSessionReception ()
 ~NetworkSessionReception ()
bool openSession (u16 Port, const io::stringc &SessionKey, const io::stringc &SessionDescription)
void closeSession ()
io::stringc getSessionKey () const
io::stringc getSessionDescription () const

Detailed Description

The network session reception is used to answer game session requests. This should be done by the server only.

network::NetworkSessionReception Reception;

// Open a session with the reception. This will start a thread which is running in the background. This thread has only a low priority.
Reception.openSession(SessionPort, SessionKey, "This is a test session description from the server");

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp::network::NetworkSessionReception::NetworkSessionReception (  ) 
sp::network::NetworkSessionReception::~NetworkSessionReception (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void sp::network::NetworkSessionReception::closeSession (  ) 
io::stringc sp::network::NetworkSessionReception::getSessionDescription (  )  const [inline]
io::stringc sp::network::NetworkSessionReception::getSessionKey (  )  const [inline]
bool sp::network::NetworkSessionReception::openSession ( u16  Port,
const io::stringc SessionKey,
const io::stringc SessionDescription 

Opens a new network session.

Port,: Specifies the port number on which the session requests can be transmitted.
SessionKey,: Specifies the session key to guarantee that only your individual game can communicate with other instances of the same game.
SessionDescription,: Specifies the session description which can store information about the running game instance.

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