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sp::gui::GUITrackbarGadget Class Reference
[Built in GUI]

#include <spGUITrackbarGadget.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for sp::gui::GUITrackbarGadget:
sp::gui::GUIGadget sp::gui::GUIController sp::gui::GUIBaseObject

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Public Member Functions

 GUITrackbarGadget ()
 ~GUITrackbarGadget ()
bool update ()
void draw ()
void setState (s32 State)
void setRange (s32 Min, s32 Max)
void setBarSize (s32 Size)
s32 getState () const
s32 getRangeMin () const
s32 getRangeMax () const
s32 getBarSize () const

Detailed Description

Trackbar controller gadget.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp::gui::GUITrackbarGadget::GUITrackbarGadget (  ) 
sp::gui::GUITrackbarGadget::~GUITrackbarGadget (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void sp::gui::GUITrackbarGadget::draw (  )  [virtual]

Implements sp::gui::GUIGadget.

s32 sp::gui::GUITrackbarGadget::getBarSize (  )  const [inline]
s32 sp::gui::GUITrackbarGadget::getRangeMax (  )  const [inline]
s32 sp::gui::GUITrackbarGadget::getRangeMin (  )  const [inline]
s32 sp::gui::GUITrackbarGadget::getState (  )  const [inline]
void sp::gui::GUITrackbarGadget::setBarSize ( s32  Size  ) 
void sp::gui::GUITrackbarGadget::setRange ( s32  Min,
s32  Max 
void sp::gui::GUITrackbarGadget::setState ( s32  State  ) 
bool sp::gui::GUITrackbarGadget::update (  )  [virtual]

Implements sp::gui::GUIGadget.

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