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sp::gui::GUIListGadget Class Reference
[Built in GUI]

#include <spGUIListGadget.hpp>

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sp::gui::GUIGadget sp::gui::GUIScrollViewBased sp::gui::GUIController sp::gui::GUIBaseObject

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Public Member Functions

 GUIListGadget ()
 ~GUIListGadget ()
bool update ()
void draw ()
dim::rect2di getLocalViewArea (const GUIController *Obj=0) const
GUIListColumnaddColumn (const io::stringc &Text, s32 ColumnSize=DEF_GUILIST_COLUMNSIZE, video::Texture *Icon=0)
void removeColumn (GUIListColumn *Column)
void clearColumns ()
 Removes and deletes all columns;.
GUIListItemaddItem (const io::stringc &Text, GUIListItem *GroupParent=0, bool isGroup=false, video::Texture *Icon=0)
void removeItem (GUIListItem *Item)
void clearItems ()
 Removes and deletes all items.
void addDirectoryItems (io::stringc DirPath)
GUIListItemgetSelectedItem () const

Detailed Description

List view controller gadget.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp::gui::GUIListGadget::GUIListGadget (  ) 
sp::gui::GUIListGadget::~GUIListGadget (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

GUIListColumn* sp::gui::GUIListGadget::addColumn ( const io::stringc Text,
video::Texture Icon = 0 
void sp::gui::GUIListGadget::addDirectoryItems ( io::stringc  DirPath  ) 

Adds all items of the specified disk directory. The path can be in the following forms: "C:/Windows/" or "C:\\Windows\\" or "C:\\Windows\\*.exe" or "C:\\Windows\\*".

GUIListItem* sp::gui::GUIListGadget::addItem ( const io::stringc Text,
GUIListItem GroupParent = 0,
bool  isGroup = false,
video::Texture Icon = 0 
void sp::gui::GUIListGadget::clearColumns (  ) 

Removes and deletes all columns;.

void sp::gui::GUIListGadget::clearItems (  ) 

Removes and deletes all items.

void sp::gui::GUIListGadget::draw (  ) 
dim::rect2di sp::gui::GUIListGadget::getLocalViewArea ( const GUIController Obj = 0  )  const
GUIListItem* sp::gui::GUIListGadget::getSelectedItem (  )  const [inline]
void sp::gui::GUIListGadget::removeColumn ( GUIListColumn Column  ) 
void sp::gui::GUIListGadget::removeItem ( GUIListItem Item  ) 
bool sp::gui::GUIListGadget::update (  ) 

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