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sp::gui::GUIBaseObject Class Reference

#include <spGUIBaseObject.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for sp::gui::GUIBaseObject:
sp::gui::GUIController sp::gui::GUIMenuItem sp::gui::GUIGadget sp::gui::GUIWindow sp::gui::GUIButtonGadget sp::gui::GUICheckboxGadget sp::gui::GUIContainerGadget sp::gui::GUIListGadget sp::gui::GUIProgressbarGadget sp::gui::GUIScrollbarGadget sp::gui::GUIStringGadget sp::gui::GUITextGadget sp::gui::GUITrackbarGadget sp::gui::GUITreeGadget sp::gui::GUIWebGadget

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~GUIBaseObject ()
virtual void setFont (video::Font *TextFont)
void setID (u32 ID)
u32 getID () const
void setText (const io::stringc &Text)
io::stringc getText () const
void setColor (const video::color &Color)
video::color getColor () const
void setEnable (bool isEnabled)
bool getEnable () const
video::FontgetFont () const

Protected Types

enum  EDrawTextFlags { DRAWTEXT_CENTER = 0x01, DRAWTEXT_VCENTER = 0x02, DRAWTEXT_RIGHT = 0x04, DRAWTEXT_3D = 0x08 }

Protected Member Functions

 GUIBaseObject ()
void drawFrame (const dim::rect2di &Rect, const video::color &Color, bool isFrame3D)
void drawFrame (const dim::rect2di &Rect, const video::color &ColorA, const video::color &ColorB, const video::color &ColorC, const video::color &ColorD)
void drawText (dim::point2di Pos, const io::stringc &Text, const video::color &Color=255, s32 Flags=DRAWTEXT_3D)
void drawButton (const dim::rect2di &Rect, const video::color &Color=255, bool isMouseOver=false)
void drawHatchedFace (const dim::rect2di &Rect)
bool mouseOver (const dim::rect2di &Rect) const
bool mouseLeft () const
bool mouseRight () const
bool mouseLeftUp () const
bool mouseRightUp () const
bool mouseLeftDown () const
bool mouseRightDown () const
void sendEvent (const EGUIEventObjects ObjectType, const EGUIEventTypes EventType)
void sendEvent (const SGUIEvent &Event)

Protected Attributes

u32 ID_
io::stringc Text_
video::color Color_
bool isEnabled_


class GUIManager

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::~GUIBaseObject (  )  [virtual]
sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::GUIBaseObject (  )  [protected]

Member Function Documentation

void sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::drawButton ( const dim::rect2di Rect,
const video::color Color = 255,
bool  isMouseOver = false 
) [protected]
void sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::drawFrame ( const dim::rect2di Rect,
const video::color Color,
bool  isFrame3D 
) [protected]
void sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::drawFrame ( const dim::rect2di Rect,
const video::color ColorA,
const video::color ColorB,
const video::color ColorC,
const video::color ColorD 
) [protected]
void sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::drawHatchedFace ( const dim::rect2di Rect  )  [protected]
void sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::drawText ( dim::point2di  Pos,
const io::stringc Text,
const video::color Color = 255,
s32  Flags = DRAWTEXT_3D 
) [protected]
video::color sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::getColor (  )  const [inline]
bool sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::getEnable (  )  const [inline]
video::Font* sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::getFont (  )  const [inline]
u32 sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::getID (  )  const [inline]
io::stringc sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::getText (  )  const [inline]

Reimplemented in sp::gui::GUIMenuItem.

bool sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::mouseLeft (  )  const [protected]
bool sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::mouseLeftDown (  )  const [protected]
bool sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::mouseLeftUp (  )  const [protected]
bool sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::mouseOver ( const dim::rect2di Rect  )  const [protected]
bool sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::mouseRight (  )  const [protected]
bool sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::mouseRightDown (  )  const [protected]
bool sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::mouseRightUp (  )  const [protected]
void sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::sendEvent ( const SGUIEvent Event  )  [protected]
void sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::sendEvent ( const EGUIEventObjects  ObjectType,
const EGUIEventTypes  EventType 
) [protected]
void sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::setColor ( const video::color Color  )  [inline]

Reimplemented in sp::gui::GUIMenuItem.

void sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::setEnable ( bool  isEnabled  )  [inline]
virtual void sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::setFont ( video::Font TextFont  )  [virtual]
void sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::setID ( u32  ID  )  [inline]
void sp::gui::GUIBaseObject::setText ( const io::stringc Text  )  [inline]

Reimplemented in sp::gui::GUIMenuItem.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class GUIManager [friend]

Reimplemented in sp::gui::GUIController.

Member Data Documentation

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