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sp::SoftPixelDeviceAndroid Class Reference

SoftPixelDevice class for the Google Android platform. More...

#include <spSoftPixelDeviceAndroid.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 SoftPixelDeviceAndroid (android_app *App, const video::ERenderSystems RendererType, const io::stringc &Title, bool isFullscreen)
 ~SoftPixelDeviceAndroid ()
void processEvent (int32_t Cmd)
bool updateEvents ()
void deleteDevice ()
android_app * getApp () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void setSaveStateReadCallback (PFNSAVESTATECALLBACKPROC Callback)
static void setSaveStateWriteCallback (PFNSAVESTATECALLBACKPROC Callback)

Detailed Description

SoftPixelDevice class for the Google Android platform.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp::SoftPixelDeviceAndroid::SoftPixelDeviceAndroid ( android_app *  App,
const video::ERenderSystems  RendererType,
const io::stringc Title,
bool  isFullscreen 
sp::SoftPixelDeviceAndroid::~SoftPixelDeviceAndroid (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void sp::SoftPixelDeviceAndroid::deleteDevice (  ) 
android_app* sp::SoftPixelDeviceAndroid::getApp (  )  const [inline]
void sp::SoftPixelDeviceAndroid::processEvent ( int32_t  Cmd  ) 
void sp::SoftPixelDeviceAndroid::setSaveStateReadCallback ( PFNSAVESTATECALLBACKPROC  Callback  )  [static]
void sp::SoftPixelDeviceAndroid::setSaveStateWriteCallback ( PFNSAVESTATECALLBACKPROC  Callback  )  [static]
bool sp::SoftPixelDeviceAndroid::updateEvents (  )  [virtual]

Updates all window events. This functions needs to be called every frame. Typically in the main "while" loop. It will update the input states (keyboard, mouse etc.), window callback function on a MS/Windows platform, and some other global state functionality..

False if the user clicked the close button in the window title bar. Otherwise true.

Implements sp::SoftPixelDevice.

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