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PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:16 pm 

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Hello there,

I'm playing around with SP Engine and it looks very promising ! Impressive work !

I have few questions, more like "developer scenario" to ask.

1) Importing / rendering camera animation

Let's imagine a typical 3d fly-by animation, or casual ingame cut-scene. A designer prepares everything in 3ds max - animation, camera movement, models, textures etc - and now what ?
Does developer have to add all textures to objects manually ? Is there "auto-load" for all textures in .3ds file or any exported file format ?
How about keyframing ? What is most important for me at this level is camera animation - a typical .3ds animation file.

2) Rendering "scene stack"

There's plenty of examples of using Blender special features like physics or mercury animation and then - exporting each frame as .obj file. Then in source code - animation is loaded as let's say :
vector <scene*> scene_animation;

for (int i=0; i<100; i++)

later on -


How do I create such "stack of scenes" ?

3) Texture cache

In example mentioned above - auto load for textures would create 100+ instances of the same texture for each scene/model. Is ther any workaround ? Any texture caches or something ?

4) A simplified example please... :)

A nice example for loading .3ds or other format that contain animation with camera etc is most welcome. Imagine let's say 3d hidden object game, where actually you're not pointing hidden images from 2d image, but actually selecting objects from 3d scene. What developer need is :


while (something)
playscene(camera, timer); // camera / frame_number


A lot of questions... I know... but so far since releasing clax library by borzom - I haven't seen any "import & play" .3ds library.

I'm not obstaining with using .3ds format - any other format that have a complete scene & camera information is most welcome.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:45 pm 
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The 3DS model loader only supports static meshes. No animations, no camera information.

The following 3D model loaders supports skeletal animations: B3D, MS3D, SPM.
And the following 3D model loaders supports morph-target animations: MD2, MD3.

To create camera information you could use the SoftPixel Sandbox but using animations in that level editor is currently only slightly usable.

To cache textures you can use the video::RenderSystem::getTexture function.

But what do you mean with "a stack of scenes"??

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 01, 2014 7:20 am 

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Today I've got the Capsule-to-Mesh collision model :D
Now I want to add a nice Character-Controller interface.

I hope I will also get the Character-Controllers working for the integrated Physics-Engines soon.


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