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sp::audio::OpenSLESSoundDevice Class Reference

#include <spOpenSLESSoundDevice.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 OpenSLESSoundDevice ()
 ~OpenSLESSoundDevice ()
io::stringc getInterface () const
 Returns the interface name of the sound system (e.g. "WinMM", "OpenSL|ES" or "OpenAL 1.1").
SoundcreateSound ()


class OpenSLESSound

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp::audio::OpenSLESSoundDevice::OpenSLESSoundDevice (  ) 
sp::audio::OpenSLESSoundDevice::~OpenSLESSoundDevice (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

Sound* sp::audio::OpenSLESSoundDevice::createSound (  )  [virtual]

Creates a sound where no sound-file will be loaded.

Pointer to the new Sound object.

Implements sp::audio::SoundDevice.

io::stringc sp::audio::OpenSLESSoundDevice::getInterface (  )  const [virtual]

Returns the interface name of the sound system (e.g. "WinMM", "OpenSL|ES" or "OpenAL 1.1").

Implements sp::audio::SoundDevice.

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friend class OpenSLESSound [friend]

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